Students wishing to enrol will have to:

  • Pay the course fee by credit card or bank transfer (please, see the section “HOW CAN I PAY?” below for details).
  • Fill in the online enrolment form for the chosen course (you will need to attach your payment receipt to the enrolment form).
  • Take the mandatory placement test (ONLY FOR STUDENTS ENROLLED IN THE FEBRUARY-JUNE COURSE). The test will be available from 27 January to 14 February 2020.
If you HAVE a credit card, please follow these instructions.
If you DO NOT HAVE a credit card: send an email to to receive the payment details for the bank transfer. Payments will be accepted starting from 1st January 2020.

INTERNAL STUDENTS are also required to attach a document confirming their student status at Pavia University. If not available when submitting your enrolment, please send it to as soon as possible and before the beginning of the course.

3 February - 21 February 2020 - ENROLMENT FORM (available from January 2020)
24 February - 12 June 2020 - ENROLMENT FORM (available from January 2020)

If your enrolment form is submitted correctly, you will receive a confirmation email.

A few days before the beginning of the course you will receive an email with more details about your course (timetable – rooms – facilities).

If you have already attended one of our courses, please remember to fill in the appropriate fields in the online enrolment form to confirm the course and the level you have attended so that you will be automatically placed in the following one.


Our administrative office needs your Italian fiscal code to collect your fee from the bank. If you have an Italian fiscal code you can add it in the appropriate field in the enrolment form. Otherwise be careful to specify exactly your address in your country and your birth town or city in the enrolment form.

The online placement test will help our teachers to better understand your level of knowledge of the Italian language.
You will be included in a class according to the score you have reached in the placement test.
Classes will be published in the section "About ongoing courses" a few days before the beginning of the course.

The test is divided into 4 levels.
You will have to start from "Level A2 Test" and you will be allowed to move up to the following level only if you reach the minimum percentage (80%) of correct answers.
Each test has a maximum time limit:
level A2 test will last max. 15 minutes;
level B1 test will last max. 15 minutes;
level B2 test will last max. 15 minutes;
level C1 test will last max. 20 minutes.
Are you ready to start? Here are the instructions for the test.