Italian grammar - level A1

Grammar is a side dish, not the main course.

Grammar is important, but it’s not a priority for beginners as its function is to hold all the other parts together. Avoid discouragement by taking it easy and viewing grammar as a means to an end.
We learn as we go, make mistakes along the way and try to keep a relaxed approach. This makes learning language fun and keeps the stress under control.

Which grammar do I need to know?

You don’t have to know it all, because it will never end: after you master an element, another one will pop up, a new irregular verb, some hidden exceptions. This can be depressing and frustrating for an early stage learner.

Here's a list of grammar items to narrow down the rules you have to know.

  • definite and indefinite articles
  • gender and number of regular nouns qualifying adjectives (ending in –o/-e) noun/adjective agreement
  • qualifying adjectives (ending in –o/-e)
  • noun/adjective agreement
  • c’è / ci sono (there is/there are) cf. è / sono (he/she/it is/ they are)
  • personal subject and reflexive pronouns
  • conjugation of auxiliary verbs essere and avere, of regular verbs in the present indicative, of reflexive verbs and certain irregular ones (andare, venire, uscire, sapere, fare, dire, dare)
  • simple negative forms
  • present indicative of the following modal verbs: potere, dovere and volere
  • present progressive: stare + gerundio
  • main adverbs: of time (prima, poi, già, ora/adesso, sempre, mai, oggi, domani, ieri)
  • conjugation of regular verbs and certain irregular ones in the Passato prossimo
  • introduction to the use of simple prepositions (a, di, da, in, per,con …) and prepositional articles
  • interrogative clauses (introduced by chi, come, dove, quando perché, che cosa…)

Which tools can I use?

  • On site resources
  • Online resources
  • Smartphone apps


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    In Spanish:

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