IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a qualification jointly offered by Cambridge Assessment English, British Council and IDP Australia.

The Language Centre is a test-sitting venue for IELTS Academic, a qualification recognised to enter many learning programmes at universities and higher education bodies all over the world.

Students, professors and staff from Pavia University have priority in registering for an exam at the Pavia Language Centre and benefit from a reduced fee, as per the agreement reached with the British Council.

External participants can register for an exam, paying the standard fee charged by the British Council, if there are places left after the deadline for the internal participants.

All participants enrolled for an exam will be given the opportunity to follow for free the preparation activities “Road to IELTS” (extended version – 30-hours) offered by the British Council. The activities are available from any PC station with an internet connection.

Next exam dates for IELTS Academic in Pavia

Exam date Enrolment times for internal participants Exam results
17th February 2022 from 5/12/2021 to 11/1/2022 2/3/2022
12th May 2022 from 2/3/2022 to 30/3/2022 25/5/2022
September 2022 (to be confirmed) - -
11th November 2021 from 30/08/2021 to 29/09/2021 24/11/2021

The speaking part may take place on the same exam date or up to 2 days before it. Participants may express their preference while enrolling.
Each exam session has a maximun entry number according to the venue capacity.

Examination fees (valid from January 2022)

Reduced fee € 230,00
Standard fee € 242,00


Green Pass is mandatory to access University premises.

How to enrol

Enrolment procedures for internal participants (students, professors and staff from Pavia University):

  • 1. click on this link prepared by the British Council, select "Book IELTS Academic" register and pay for the exam you choose, following the instruction given. Use the Promo code "UniPavia 2022". This Promo code is eligible only for Pavia premises. If you follow the procedure correctly, you will receive a confirmation email from the British Council;
  • 2. once you have received the British Council’s confirmation and before the enrolment deadline, send an email to to inform us that you are enrolled for a specific exam date and that you are eligible for the reduced fee; students are required to send us a written declaration (autocertificazione) stating that they are enrolled at Pavia University for the ongoing academic year (the declaration must be dated and signed).

REDUCED FEE: only students, professors and staff from Pavia University are eligible for the reduced fee.

Students decay from their status once they graduate, even if the academic year isn’t finished.
All declarations will be verified.


The British Council enrolment procedure requires you to input your ID document number and expiry date (identity card or passport). You will be asked to show the same document on the exam day.

For any queries about the enrolment procedure, please contact the British Council directly at:

Tel. 06 94800751

Enrolment procedures for external participants:

External participants may register after the deadline for internal participants, if there are places left.

If you are interested in a specific exam session, you may send an email to to receive information about available places and when to enrol.
If you wish to enrol, you must visit the British Council website at this link, click on "Book IELTS Academic" and follow the instruction given.

For any queries about the enrolment procedure, please contact the British Council directly at:

Tel. 06 94800751

How to get ready for the exam

The self-study service at the Language Centre offers a range of learning materials that can be used independently to prepare for the IELTS exam.
Resources are available at the Language Centre Laboratories, Sede Centrale, Cortile Sforzesco.
Some books may be borrowed. More information about this service at Servizio di prestito materiali certificazioni.

Free webinars IELTS from British Council:

September 05, 2021 9:00 AM UK time

Your IELTS Guide: Prepare with the British Council

September 12, 2021 2:00 PM UK time

Your IELTS Guide: Prepare with the British Council

October 17, 2021 9:00 AM UK time

Your IELTS Guide: Prepare with British Council

October 24, 2021 2:00 PM UK time

Your IELTS Guide: Prepare with British Council

Signing up to these free webinars, you will receive an email that tells you about the new IELTS Study Pack. It is an add-on to the existing IELTS webinar journey. As soon as you register to the IELTS Study Pack, you will have free access to all of the resources, as follows: Study Pack webinars, Study Plan, Practice tests.

Online resources recommended by the British Council

1. British Council's online activities ROAD TO IELTS about strategies to pass the IELTS test and about the test format. 10 hours are always available online at this link, whilst the following 20 hours will be unlocked as soon as you register to the test.
2. IELTS full practice test at this link. It covers the four parts of the IELTS test.
3. Recurring British Council's MOOCs at FutureLearn at this link. These courses provide a great deal of information regarding the IELTS test format, strategies and technics to pass the test (2 hours study a week).
4. Free online resource at LearnEnglish for your learning and practice.
5. British Council's IELTS Mobile Apps to get prepared for the test at this link:
- IELTS Prep App
- IELTS Word Power
- IELTS Word Ready

For detailed information on this exam, please visit:

For more information:
tel. 0382 984382