The Language Centre provides the opportunity to self-study foreign languages ​​and Italian as a foreign language using book, audio-visual material and multimedia-laboratory facilities.

The self-study laboratory is equipped with the Sanako Study 1200 System, a modern multi-media language learning facility designed to provide a technology-enhanced environment.

Access to the self-study room for language learning is allowed to all ‘institutional’ users, and, subject to availability of seats, to anyone interested in foreign languages.

In order to be admitted to the room, users must book a seat and learning materials by calling 0382 984476 from Monday to Friday 9-12 and 13-16.

  • starting learning a new foreign language
  • improving language skills at every level
  • preparing for an international examination
  • revising specific subjects learnt in language lessons
  • putting language skills into practice before a study or a work experience abroad
  • having a chance to make your learning fun by choosing material which really interests you
  • studying at your own pace

The Language Centre provides a language advising service in order to analyse your language needs and receive advice and support in choosing from available language learning resources.

Main University building, corso Strada Nuova, 65 - cortile Sforzesco

The Language Centre offers a fully equipped lab with 12 computers, CD-DVD players and microphone headsets, which provide language learners with useful resources for listening and pronunciation, including watching original language movies and didactic videos.

The language lab is equipped with Audio Active Comparative (AAC) recorders , which make it possible for the learner to record his/her own voice on the same track as the recorded voice of a native speaker without erasing the original.
Text-To-Speech module: Sanako Study 1200 System can read a digital text aloud; if you upload your text into our language laboratory you can use this technology to convert your written text into a speech. This facility is available for: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.