CHINESE LANGUAGE COURSES – Academic Year 2017/18

For the academic year 2017/18 the Language Centre offers extra-curricular courses of Chinese language level A1 and A2, during both the first and second semester.

LEVEL A1 COURSES cover the basic grammatical structures and vocabulary of the Chinese language, as well as the ability to listen, read and speak in simple everyday situations. At the end of the course students will reach the level required to take the HSK 1 examination. One A1 level course group is taught in English.

LEVEL A2 COURSES are subdivided in 2 modules called A2.1 and A2.2. At this level students will develop their ability to use the Chinese language to interact in everyday situations and to cope with activities that require an exchange of familiar information. The basic grammatical structures and vocabulary, the listening comprehension and oral production are practised. Part of the course is devoted to the learning of Chinese writing.

All courses and modules (A1, A2.1, A2.2) are 30-hours long. Students who have attended at least 80% of the lessons will be allowed to take a final exam. The final exam is not compulsory. Students who have passed the final exam will receive a certificate of attendance reporting the linguistic level achieved. Students who don’t wish to take the final exam or don’t pass it, will still receive a certificate of attendance.

The course will be activated with a minimum of 7 participants and the class will be composed of a maximum of 15 students. If a course doesn’t reach the minimum number of participants, students will be refunded in full.

I semester: from 2nd  October 2017 to 31st  January 2018

Enrolment: from 28th  August to 15th  September 2017


A1 group 1: Tuesday 17-19

A1 group 2: Friday 15-17

A1 group 3 (in English): Monday 17-19

A2.1:Tuesday 19-21

II semester: from 28th February to 30th June 2018

Enrolment: from 22nd January to 12th February 2018


A1 group 1: Tuesday 17-19

A1 group 2: Friday 15-17

A1 group 3 (in English): Wednesday 15-17

A2.1: Friday 17-19

A2.2: Tuesday 19-21

The enrolment fee for each course or module, consisting of 30 hours + 2 hours for the final exam, is €220,00 for internal participants (students enrolled in Pavia University for the ongoing academic year, PhD candidates, masters students, researchers, professors and staff from Pavia University) or € 270,00 for external participants.

Send an email to during enrolment times specified above. You will receive all the information you need to pay the fee and to fill in the appropriate form. Students will receive the payment invoice during the course.

A basic knowledge of the English language is required to take part into A1 courses group 1 and 2, as the textbooks are in English. Lessons will be taught in Italian.

A good knowledge of the English language is required to take part into A1 course group 3, as the textbooks are in English and lessons will be taught in English.

To attend an A2 course you need to have already attended an A1 level course or to have passed the HSK 1 examination or to know at least 150 Chinese words.

If you wish to self-evaluate your knowledge of Chinese language you can take the following test:

A2.2 module is a continuation of A2.1 module.